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Stilllive 2020 : Contact Contradiction 





パフォーマンス:2020年12月13日 13時〜19時 


11-13 Dec 2020

Venue: Goethe-Institut Tokyo

Exhibitions: 11-12 Dec 2020

Performance: 13:00-19:00 13 Dec 2020


Artists: Mayuko Inui, Yuki Kobayashi, Mai Endo, Tomoaki Sakaguchi, Towako Sano, Yuka Seki, Takumichan, Takuya Takemoto, Miri Hamada, Hala Saori, Osamu Shikichi, Natsuki Nakajima, Akiyoshi Nita, Mayu Nozaki


Project manager: Sanghae Kwon

​写真:Yulia Skogoreva

Photography: Yulia Skogoreva

​宣伝美術 : Elvin Seet

Poster design: Elvin Seet


Video: Kanichi Kanegae


Sponsors: Ogasawara Toshiaki Memorial Foundation, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Graduate School of Global Arts (GA), Tokyo University of the Arts

協力:ゲーテ・インスティトゥート東京、Dance New Air 2020->21

Supported by: Goethe-Institut Tokyo, Dance New Air 2020->21








Since the beginning of 2020, people are getting afraid of contact with each other in public, or even with friends, partners and family for keeping a distance to be safe... and also there are some problems that came to the surface by the pandemic. It is a challenge for all the people on the earth to survive this doubtful world within the same species. Through these facts, as an artist using performance, it made me reconsider what is actually the necessity to be “Performance Art” which is very closely happening to the other people.


In the present circumstances, the conventional performance in which artists express their energy to the audience is a difficult situation. This situation of “difficulty” has many reasons. However, the significant starting point is we have to face straight on these conditions, for looking “live” again. Therefore, we are going to focus on “what can be derived” from this situation rather than “how to show the work” that we have been doing. It is reexamining the essence of performance that can be anywhere but we can’t be easily shown anywhere.


There are lots of opinions about the end of the pandemic but most people might think we will escape from COVID-19 eventually and returning to the ordinary. If we think so, we just have to wait while continuing as we have been doing or as often seen these days, creating the performance film in the studio, home or there is also a method of online distribution. However, on the other hand, now is the time for answering to this unprecedented situation, we have to respond to the modern society with own body an artist concerned with a performance and definition of live in 2020, should we not take responsibility to create the new standards of the performance for updating to the future opportunity.


This project consists of a workshop by each participating artist and individual and co-production based on the physical impression that can be discovered from each other. It can be said that it is a process of expressing the contact point of the sensation in the body of an individual, rather than concluding what the current situation means as one conclusion. In the contradictory situation of superficial connection and efficient disconnection, the bodies will not only reproduce the current situation but will testify to the way of expression that could not be imagined until now.

Workshops :

Contact Contradiction 1 : Yuki Kobayashi

Place : Komazawa Olympic Park

Time & Date : 12:30-1:30, 26 Sep 2020

Contact Contradiction 4 : Takuya Takemoto

Place : Wakabayashi

Time & Date : 15:00-16:30, 24 Oct 2020

Contact Contradiction 2 : Yuka Seki

Place : Zoom, online

Time & Date : 18:00-20:00, 11 Oct 2020

Contact Contradiction 5 : Miri Hamada

Place : Ueno

Time & Date : 15:30-17:30, 31 Oct 2020

Contact Contradiction 3 : Akiyoshi Nita

Place : Setagaya gayagaya centre

Time & Date : 13:00-16:00, 17 Oct 2020

Contact Contradiction 6 : Yuki Kobayashi

Place : Inokashira Park

Time & Date : 15:30-18:00, 7 Nov 2020

Contact Contradiction 7 : Saori Hala

Place : Monariza tei

Time & Date : 12:30-15:30, 14 Nov 2020

Contact Contradiction 8 : Takumichan

Place : Center Kita

Time & Date : 14:00-18:00, 23 Nov 2020

Artist : Mayuko Inui

Title : Track 1

Artist : Towako Sano

Title : 自己中心性からの脱却

Artist : Yuki Kobayashi


Title : I or Another 

Artist : Osamu Shikichi


Title : Juicy

Artist : Tomoaki Sakaguchi


Title : Stretch with Gum

Artist : Yuka Seki


Title : 友達と作品を鑑賞する

Public Showing :

Artist : Takumichan

Title : Digital Clock

Artist : Takuya Takemoto

Title :

Artist : Miri Hamada

Title : steal live

Artist : Saori Hala


Title : 遠い実存のための振り付け

Artist : Akiyoshi Nita

Title : Improvisation

Artist : Natsuki Nakajima


Title : 誰かの動きに寄生する

Artist : Mayu Nozaki


Title : Letter from Solstice 

The Moment of Integration

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