Still』 is a historical reference to the subjects past

lll』 is in-between time, in which thought becomes action

Live』 is the ignition of the artist performing in the present moment

Stilllive is a platform, which is the subject of body to represent a human presence in the performance. “Body” is the subject matter already in the performance and human condition is always necessary to be concerned. When technology develops and digital art is becoming a mainstream, the word “Analog” itself becomes exclusive. However, by organizing this platform, we would like to propose the new idea of analogical representation through the creation of performance art, what is the influence human body gives to the audiences, discussing the meaning of coexistence of the development of performance art with organic materials and a cyber-orientated future. 

*Stilllive is coined word combining with “Still” and “Live”, Stillllive Collective was originally founded by alumni (Yuki Kobayashi, Sandra Stanionyte, Hollie Miller, Saskia Vranken) of Royal College of Art, Performance course for DADA 100th anniversary festival, Tokyo in 2016 and the collective has been already dissolved​​​​. In 2019, Kobayashi founded Stilllive as a performance art platform.